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Service User Guide

The Service User Guide will give you information about:

1. The Consortium

2. Me

3. My Tenancy

4. My Support

5. Complaints and Compliments Procedure

6. Money and Personal Belongings

7. Other people and Information


1. Information about the Consortium


Consortium building

This is a place that will give me information I need to know about the Consortium

It will tell me about:




What is The Consortium?

Community Lives Consortium (CLC):

SupportProvides support to people who have a learning disability who wish to live in the local area.


Money The Consortium is an organisation that does not make a profit.  It gets its money from Local Authorities and Housing Associations and a charge is made to tenants depending on the benefits they receive.

Where does The Consortium Work

The Consortium provides support in two areas:

City and County of Swansea

City and County of Swansea

Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council

Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council


It is an organisation that helps people with a learning disability to:

  • Live as tenants in ordinary houses in ordinary streets.Tenant in house
  • Be valued and accepted for who they are.Two people holding hands
  • Have the same rights as any other adult in our society.Tick
  • Decide what they want to happen in their own life as far as they are able to.Activities

To make this happen for tenants, the Consortium works with:

  • Family (if you choose).A Family
  • The Social Services Department.City and County of Swansea and Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council logo
  • The Health Authority.Health Authority Logo
  • Housing Associations.Outline of a house
  • Advocacy Organisations.Two people at a desk

Who Manages the Consortium?

Person behind a desk

The Management Committee






Responsible Person

Under the Care Standards Act 2000, The Welsh Assembly require that to operate as a domiciliary care agency there has to be someone who has overall management responsibility. This person is known as the 'Responsible Person'.

The responsible person for The Consortium is:

Name: Rick Wilson

Job Title: Chief Executive

Relevant Qualifications and Experience: Rick has a Degree in Sociology & Politics and is a Qualified Social Worker.


Rick has had 17 years experience of working in services for people with a learning disability in the areas of; supporting people in their own homes; participation and advocacy; developing new housing, day care and resettlement services; training staff; and contracting and commissioning services for a Local Authority.

For the last 9 years Rick has worked for the Consortium with responsibility for managing, monitoring and developing it's services to tenants, he has been the Chief Executive for the last 3 years.

What happens if The Responsible Person is not in Work?

If Rick is not going to be in work for 28 days or more The Consortium have other managers who will take over, they are:

Name: Christine Brian

Job Title: Director of Community Services

Relevant Qualifications and Experience:

Christine has responsibility for the support services and operational management structure of WGHC.

Name: Alice O' Sullivan

Job Title: Operations Manager

Relevant Qualifications and Experience:

  • S.en Mental, CSS (Certificate of Social Services)
  • 5 years nursing experience in mental health
  • 16 years in residential care with older people
  • 1 year field social worker
  • 5 years with a Registered Social Landlord
  • 2 years with WGHC as Operations Manager

Alice has responsibility for the day to day running of support services and manages the Contract Managers.

Other Staff of the Consortium


My Keyworker will be a Support Worker who I get on well with. They should be there for me to talk about the service, the things I want, or things I like and dislike.

Keyworkers symbol

Support Co-ordinators

Support Co-ordinators manage all of the support workers that work with me.

Service Co-ordinators

Service Co-ordinators manage Keyworkers.

Service Co-ordinators manage some of the money that pays for my service.

Service Co-ordinator symbol

Team Co-ordinators

Work with a group of services within a Contract Managers network, they will ensure that there are enough good staff to provide my service.

Team Co-ordinators

Housing Support Co-ordinators

Work with a larger group of tenants, and make sure that the my housing support needs are being met. This will ensure that I remain safe and secure in my own home.

Housing Support Co-ordinators symbol Housing Support Co-ordinator

Contract Managers

Oversee all the managers and staff and make sure that my service is the way it should be. Contract Managers manage a small group of services. Contract Managers are also Registered Managers with the Care Standards Inspectorate for Wales.

Contract Managers symbol Contract Manager

CLC Office Staff

There are also staff who work in the Consortium offices on Walter Road. These staff help in a number of different ways like paying staff wages, claiming tenants benefits, managing money and training etc.

WGHC Office Staff symbol WGHC Office Staff

You can ask your staff for a copy of the Consortium's Who's Who booklet, which will tell you more about the people who work in our office and what they do.

All the managers and staff in the Consortium want to work together with:

How can you have a Say?

Have your say

The Consortium wants YOU to have a say about the things that happen in your life and about the support and services you get from them.

Some of the ways you can do this are:

This is a place to keep my

Full Statement of Purpose


2. Information about me

This is the place to keep information about me.

This could contain:


My Personal Details

Here I can put information about me, my next of kin and other people who help me.

Important Addresses and Telephone Numbers

This is a place to put addresses and telephone numbers of people who are important to me.

My Participation Agreements

This is the agreement I make with the Consortium about how I want to be helped to have my say.

Letters and reports sent to me by my Social Worker, Community Nurse, or other Professional.

This could include:

Individual Planning information sent to me by the Consortium

This could include:

Personal Details

My Name

My address

My telephone number 

My Date of Birth

My Next of Kin

Their Address

Their Telephone number

My Social Worker or Community Nurse's Name

My Social Worker or Community Nurse's Address

Their Telephone Number

The name of somebody to help me with advice and support and help me to Speak Up about things that happen to me? This person is sometimes called an advocate.

Their Name

Their Address

Their Telephone Number

This is a place to keep my

About me workbook

(Person Centred Plan)

(currently under development)